Pender Harbour & District Health Centre Auxiliary Information

The Pender Harbour & District Health Centre Auxiliary Society was incorporated on July 7, 2016, as a continuation of the original Auxiliary which was formed in 1976.  The new Auxiliary Society provides this community with a green solution of recycling for fund-raising, carrying on the tradition of its predecessor.

The purpose of the Auxiliary Society’s volunteer work is to manage the Bargain Barn Thrift Store Click Here in order to raise and provide funding for the operation of the Pender Harbour & District Health Centre, and provide bursaries for local high school students.

The funding to the Health Centre enables them to operate effectively for the benefit of the community. The funds may be used for either capital OR operating (including salaries) expenses which are not provided by the Provincial Government or by any other source of income (Grant funds, Area A tax base, private donations) and are to be used expressly for the health and welfare of this community.

The Auxiliary Society is a working group of volunteers.  They are managed by an elected Board and a separate committee which oversees the day-to-day operation of the Bargain Barn Thrift Store.

The primary source of income for the Auxiliary Society is from the Bargain Barn Thrift Store located in downtown Madeira Park. The Bargain Barn Thrift Store first opened in 1977. Since then, the Bargain Barn has earned over $900,000 from the sale of donated merchandise.  All profits are used to support health care in Pender Harbour by donating to our Health Centre for salaries, infrastructure needs, their senior’s initiative through Harbourside Friendships, and to support student bursaries, as follows:

  1. The Muriel Cameron Bursary, which consists of two $2,000 bursaries paid annually to graduating students who are entering a health related career.
  1. The Linda Curtiss Student Citizenship Award, which is one $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to students from grade 9 to 12 who have performed volunteer or community work in the Pender Harbour area and, during this time, applied leadership and inter-personal skills which will be measured in order to qualify. This volunteer or community work is to include working in any organization which has been approved by the Auxiliary Society for the Health Centre.

The Bargain Barn Thrift Store is operated entirely by volunteers and is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 3:30 and Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30 (except in the summer, the store is open all day).

Mondays and Tuesdays are not open to the public because those are the main days when volunteers are there for sorting, pricing and stocking — although it’s not uncommon to find a sorter there on any day of the week now in order to keep up with donations.

The Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers who will spend some time helping at the store either selling or in the sorting room. Whether its three hours or ten hours a month, there is always something needing to be done.

The Auxiliary Society meets upon notice, but most of the official business in conducted by a Board.

In honor of our past Presidents, our parent Auxiliary created a PRESIDENT’S LEARNING CENTRE at the Health Centre. Its purpose is to provide a place where one can go to learn about a specific medical condition. Current books are available, as well as other learning aids.

The Past Presidents of the Auxiliary

1977 M. Jakie Donnelly
1978 Ruth Kobus
1979-1981 Iris E. Griffith
1981 Kathleen Birch
1982-1984 Ruth Kobus
1985 Iris E. Griffith
1986-1987 Vi Tyner
1988-1989 Ruth Kobus
1990 Peg Riley
1991-1993 Iris E. Griffith
1994-1995 Noreen Thompson
1996-1997 Iris E. Griffith
1998-2005 Lois Webster
2006 Naomi Jackson
2007-2008 Janet Thomas
2009-2010 Sharon Halford
2011-2012 Joan Postnikoff
2013-2014 Carol Krych
2015-2016 Margaret Deacon

Position Name
President Linda Pearson
Vice-President Lorna Young
Treasurer Marilyn Duggan
Secretary Janet Thomas
Director at Large Margaret Deacon
Chairperson of Bargain Barn Linda Pearson
Assistant to Chairperson Lorna Young
Main Merchandiser Margaret Deacon
Trainer for Store Janet Thomas
Sales Shift Scheduler Rose Everett
Stockroom Managers, Trainer & Scheduler Dorothy King
Stockroom Managers, Trainer & Scheduler Anne Marfleet
Sub-Committees of Merchandiser
Clothing Display Margaret Deacon
Household Display Linda Pearson
Children’s Display Sharon Halford
Jewellery Display Maureen Slevin
Book Management Naomi Lazar
Book Management Debbie Rand
Linen Display Sylvia Reiter


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